Checked off the bucket list is visiting Dublin, Ireland over the green madness that is St Patrick’s Day.

I’m not sure how busy Dublin is otherwise, but it certainly came to life in a sea of green and orange (but mostly green) over 17 March. Bars seemed to be open at the crack of dawn, and many displays of public intoxication were seen very early into the evening. As well, as part of the St Patrick’s Day festivities, many buildings around the city were lit up in green. Not a flattering colour to light up a building with, but very Irish I suppose.

As we had previously gone on city breaks, we weren’t entirely interested in visiting more museums and cathedrals, though we did stay and watch the entire St Patrick’s Day Parade. We stood near Christ Church Cathedral and watched as the very artistic floats and talented bands marched through.

One attraction we did poke our noses in was the Guinness Storehouse, which tells you everything about Guinness and offers free tastings of the world-famous beer. Its seven floors are in the shape of a pint of Guinness, though this is only visible once you are inside.

On our last full day in Dublin, we decided to visit the cute seaside village of Howth, which is an outer suburb of Dublin. There was actually a prawn festival of some sort happening at the time, in accordance with St Patrick’s Day, so many people were hanging around. In Howth, there are some lovely cliffs where you can walk along the trail and get views of what I believe is Dublin Bay.

Some things that I noticed were very interesting about Ireland are:

  • They also use UK plugs
  • They drive on the same side of the road as the UK
  • The time zone they use is the same as the UK
  • Flights coming to the UK from Ireland are treated as domestic flights

In case it wasn’t apparent, the Republic of Ireland (which is simply referred to as Ireland) is part of Europe but separated from the UK. (Northern Ireland is part of the UK.) Ireland uses the euro as their currency, but everything else is very UK-like. Just some of my observations!

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Upcoming in April is a relaxing holiday to Malta!